Al Jaffee’s Fold-in’s

200809121416.jpgIf you ever read MAD magazine as a kid, you know Al Jaffee. He creates the amazing fold-ins on the inside of the back cover, the pictures (and captions) that magically transform once the image is folded in thirds. If you’ve never experienced the fun of one of Mr. Jaffee’s fold-ins in person, now you’re in luck.

At 87, Mr. Jaffee is still at it, and the New York Times has a great article on his life and his work. Turns out, he originally conceived the fold-ins as a satirical takeoff on fold-out pages that other magazines of the time were creating. What was originally intended as a one-time gag has become an institution, appearing in nearly every issue that has followed for the past forty-four years.

The Times has put together a fantastic interactive gallery of the best of his work over the past four decades. And you can even fold the pages!