Allen, Texas

texas-flag.jpg Here’s something I didn’t know: In Texas, schoolkids say the pledge to both the U.S. and the Texas flag, one of only six states to do so. (It’s an urban legend that Texas is the only state that can fly its flag at the same height as the U.S. flag, though. They all can, if they follow the rules.)

I spent the week visiting schools in Allen Texas, and it was great fun. Read on for just a few of the highlights…

At Green Elementary, the students made this incredible wall of lions, each one completely different from the next.


At Boon Elementary, Ms. Edmundson’s 3rd grade class presented me with a wonderful book of Backbeard stories.


Wednesday night, a number of librarians took me out to dinner and showed me some of the Allen, Texas landmarks. First stop, the Southfork Ranch, famous from the intro to the 80’s TV series, Dallas. (Unfortunately, when I got out of the shower the next morning, I realized it had all been a dream.)


And Allen’s other big claim to fame? Turns out it was the site of the first train robbery in Texas. Librarians Jane Jergensen and Jana Dorough were happy to stage an impromptu historical reenactment at the train station to help me get the full effect.


At Chandler Elementary, I found the library filled with the most amazing collection of pirates and pirate ships. Here are just a few samples:


kerr-pig.jpgFinally, I got a wonderful send-off at Kerr Elementary: pirate flags, pigs, and even a brand new episode of Pirate Radio. It was all capped off with a hilarious performance as an entire class came marching into the gym in pirate regalia singing the theme from Backbeard. What a way to end a wonderful week.