Armchair Reviews: Bean Thirteen

Ralph and Flora have a very serious problem. When picking beans for dinner, they ended up with—gasp—thirteen. He doesn’t know how, but Ralph just knows that thirteen is an unlucky number. When it is time to divide the beans, Ralph’s worst fears are confirmed; it is impossible to divide thirteen. Or is it?

Part story, part math lesson, and part lesson in hospitality, this is a book that is surprisingly kid and parent friendly. Aside from the opening argument between Ralph and Flora (there were one too many “Are Too, Am Not’s”), I can’t find a thing wrong with it. I’ll admit I was a bit concerned it would be boring and dry. It was kind of billed as an introduction to division, after all. But though they do divide the beans over and over, it is positively seamless. And the solution is perfect.

The illustrations are bright and lively. The book is full of bugs being people. The colors are a bit off the standard pallet. And my kids love it. We give it eight little thumbs up. Reviewed by Jamie Driggers