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Mad Scientist Academy Handbook

MSA Dinosaur Handbook
Here’s a fun project. You can make your own Mad Scientist Academy Handbook full of dinosaur facts with just one sheet of paper!
Just download the PDF below, print it out the book, and follow the easy instructions. So simple even a mad scientist could do it.
MSA Dinosaurs Handbook & Instructions printout

Video of “Dr. Cosmic” folding a handbook


Dr. Cosmic’s Dinosaur Machine mix-up Online Game

Dr. Cosmic’s invention went out of control and put the wrong dinosaur parts together. Can you un-scramble the mixed-up dinosaurs?
Play Dr. Cosmic’s Dinosaur Machine Mix-up!


Dinosaur Scavenger Hunt Game

Scavenger huntIn the book Mad Scientist Academy: The Dinosaur Disaster, Dr. Cosmic sends the students to search the dinosaur exhibit for clues to a puzzle. Now it’s your turn!
Play the Scavenger Hunt


Mad Scientist Inventor’s Notebook

Dr Cosmic's InventionIn Mad Scientist Academy, the teacher Dr Cosmic makes inventions to try to solve a problem, such as, how did the prehistoric dinosaurs live. Print this page from a Mad Scientist Inventor’s Notebook and design your own invention!
Mad Scientist Inventors Notebook printout