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Here are some of my favorite links to fun and interesting videos, games and activities about the science in the Mad Scientist Academy books.


Mad Scientist Academy: The Weather Disaster

The field of paleontology is always changing, as scientists make new discoveries and learn new things about some of the most amazing creatures ever to walk the Earth. Below are links to some of the sites and videos that I found really helpful when I was writing The Dinosaur Disaster.




AMNH.tvDinosaurs Explained
These videos from the American Museum of Natural History do a great job answering dozens of questions about dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs Explained

What Do Paleontologists Do?
These fascinating videos show how paleontologists do their jobs.

Discovering a Lost World 

Moving a Giant 10-Ton Fossil

These videos on the American Natural History Museum website are all about the flying cousins of dinosaurs.

What is a Pterosaur

How Did Pterosaurs Fly?

Why Are Pterosaur Fossils Rare?

Velociraptor fighting protoceritopsPrehistoric Life
This page from the BBC has lots of facts about Velociraptors, including a video of a computer animated battle between two dinosaurs based on a fossil found in the Mongolian desert.

Nature: Prehistoric Life

Five ancient crocodile ancestors, two previously unknown, have been uncovered in the Sahara by a National Geographic researcher and his team. The most imposing, BoarCroc, had triple fangs and likely could have taken down a dinosaur.

Weird Prehistoric Crocs Discovered

Interactive Websites

Bizarre Dinosaurs

This website features strange facts about 22 different dinosaurs:

Learn about Bizarre Dinosaurs


On this site you can learn about the evolution of life on Earth, from the birth of the planet until the time when humans evolved.

Prehistoric time line

National Geographic Kids: Dinosaurs

Watch videos, play games, and learn fascinating facts about dinosaurs at this fun website:

Nat Geo Kids

London Natural History Museum

This site features fun games and quizzes about dinosaurs:

NHM Kids Only Dinosaurs

Virtual Fossil Dig

On this site you can use a paleontologist's tools to uncover dinosaur bones:

Dig for dinosaurs

Free iPad Apps

Dinosaur iPadThese free iPad apps are fun and interactive ways to learn more about pterosaurs and dinosaurs.

Pterosaurs: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs

DINOSAURS iPad: AMNH Collections


AMNHThe American Natural History Museum has a great list of other books for kids to learn more about dinosaurs

Dinosaurs Alive Booklist for Children

Activities and Lesson Plans

Teacher Resources

Mad Scientist Academy Dinosaur Activities
I have bunch of dinosaur activities and lesson plans geared around The Dinosaur Disaster, and you can find them all here:

Games, activities, and lesson plans

American Museum of Natural History
There are many dinosaur educational resources on the American Natural History Museum website:

Dinosaurs: Ancient Fossils, New Discoveries Educator Guide
Dinosaurs: Ancient Fossils, New Discoveries Activities
The World's Largest Dinosaurs Educator Guide


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