The Lion’s Share

The King's Banquet

About the Book

The Lion’s Share

Written and illustrated by Matthew McElligott

2008, Walker and Co.
ISBN Hardcover: 0802797687
ISBN Paperback: 0802723608
Recommend ages: 4 to 8

When the ant receives a special invitation to dine with the lion, she is ready to be on her best behavior. During dessert, the other guests do not mind their manners, each one taking half the remaining cake as it is passed around. By the time it reaches the ant, barely a crumb is left for her to share with the King. What to do?

She offers to make up for it by baking another cake, this one just for the King. Not to be outdone, all the other animals in turn offer to bake twice as many cakes as the next. As it turns out, this is not a particularly good idea.

Anyone in the market for a book about math, dessert, obnoxious animals, and the wisdom of knowing when you have enough will not be disappointed. As for everyone else? Let them eat cake.