Drawing the Pictures for The Lion’s Share

1. Figuring out the style

Ape sketchesEvery new book I do seems to call for a different style of illustration. Often, the hardest part of starting the pictures is figuring out what that style is going to be.

For The Lion’s Share, I began by sketching animals using a bunch of different techniques to see how they might look.

2. Making patterns

I like to use the computer for my illustrations. The problem is that sometimes pictures made on the computer can look too artificial.

For this book I began by dripping black ink onto wet paper. I wasn’t trying to make anything specific; I just wanted to see what would happen as the ink spread across the page. It was really surprising and fun.

Ink texture 1

3. Adding color

After they dried, I scanned all the patterns into the computer and colored them using Photoshop. In the example below, all the dark areas became red, and the light areas became yellow.

Ink texture 2

4. Putting it all together

The final illustrations were created by adding these colored patterns to the pencil drawings I drew.

Ant and lion