Projects and Lesson Plans for The Lion’s Share

Warthog cutting poptartBelow you will find links to some projects and lesson plans geared around The Lion’s Share. They are suitable for a wide variety of grades and class sizes, and include both math and language activities. Each activity can be printed or downloaded for later use.

I’m always on the lookout for new ideas and suggestions, so if you’ve found a good way to incorporate one of my books into the classroom, I’d love to hear about it. In the mean time, have fun with the following projects.

(My thanks to Amy Conway at A. W. Becker Elementary for the terrific project ideas below!)

Pastry Party

Pop-tartPastry Party uses a toaster pastry and pretzels to teach fundamental fraction concepts, including:

  • Exploring equal parts
  • Understanding and writing basic fractions
  • Ordering unit fractions
  • Comparing unit fractions
  • Comparing fractions and whole numbers

Pastry Party is suitable for grades 2- 4. Plus, at the end, everyone gets to eat!

Circular Story Structure

In this project, students learn how the structure of The Lion’s Share is circular, beginning and ending with the cutting of a single cake into halves. (It also provides an opportunity to reinforce concepts of ordering and comparing fractions and whole numbers.)

Additional projects

Kate Narita has put together some additional Lion’s Share project ideas at her blog. Good stuff!