The Spooky Book

Spooky Book-boy and house

About the Book

The Spooky Book

Written by Steve Patschke,
Illustrations by Matt McElligott

1999, Walker and Co.
Paperback ISBN: 080278870X
Recommend ages: 5 to 8

Lightning cracks, thunder rumbles, the wind howls, and shadows creep, creep, creep up the wall in this most inventive spooky book. Just how spooky is it?

That’s what readers are about to discover as they follow Andrew and Zo Zo, two children reading spooky books on a dark and stormy night.

What is Andrew’s book about? A girl named Zo Zo, sitting alone in a house, reading a spooky book. What is Zo Zo’s book about? A boy named Andrew sitting alone in a house… And how does the story end? With an unexpected and imaginative surprise that will leave readers begging for the story to be read again and again.

Spooky Book-stormy sky