Uncle Frank’s Pit

Uncle Franks apartment

About the Book

Uncle Frank’s Pit

Written and illustrated by
Matthew McElligott

1998, Viking
(Out of print)
ISBN hardcover: 0670877379
Recommend ages: 5 to 8

It all started when Uncle Frank came for a visit and stayed, and stayed, and stayed. It seemed nothing would rouse him from his comfortable spot in front of the TV. That is, until the day he hung an old coat hanger on a stick and picked up some unusual signals emanating from the backyard. All at once Uncle Frank was bound and determined to find whatever was buried out there, no matter how long it took. So he started to dig a hole, and what happened next would make more than just family history.

(Uncle Frank’s Pit was my second children’s book. It was written as a sequel to my first book, The Truth About Cousin Ernie’s Head. Uncle Frank wasn’t in that book, but the main characters in Uncle Frank’s Pit are the same.)