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A Long Journey

Thanks to everyone who turned out for my talk at the Guilderland Library on Saturday. I often have people bring books that they’ve previously purchased for me to sign at an event. This was the first time that someone brought along a book they bought… IN CHINA. So cool to think of the journey it took to get here!


Calvin U Smith Elementary

At Calvin U. Smith Elementary the kids made 256 paintings of cakes (mimicking the elephant in The Lion’s Share) and hung them up all around the library. I’ve never seen anything like it.


Later, we had an evening program at the library and a bunch of teachers put on a Lion’s Share play. They dressed up in costumes and used the cake paintings to help tell the story. It was a great night, and between 200 – 300 parents and kids showed up for the event. What a night!


The Lion’s Share in Asia

The Lion’s Share has sold foreign rights to several Asian countries, and this week I received a package in the mail containing my author’s copies from Japan, Korea, and China. My mind was seriously blown.

Just by looking at the covers, can you tell which one is which? (Answer below)




The covers, in order from top to bottom, are China, Japan, and Korea.

How well did you do?

In the Recording Studio

One of the fun things about this author job is that sometimes I get to try out other jobs. Today, I went to the recording studio to record some audio for the upcoming Lion’s Share DVD.


The studio had pictures of Janis Joplin, Frank Zappa, and Duke Ellington on the walls. Technically, these musicians never actually recorded there, but the idea is that they could have, if they had been in town and the studio had been around when they were alive. So there were lots of good vibes in the room.


The engineer, Jason, was really cool and patient with all my stupid questions. For some reason, though, he didn’t ask me for a photo for the wall, even though there was a big empty spot right next to Jimi Hendrix. I’m sure it was just an oversight. I’ll send him one.