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BCCB Reviews The Weather Disaster

Mad Scientist Academy: The Weather DisasterThe Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books has just reviewed The Weather Disaster and it might be my favorite one yet. Here’s a sample:

It’s pretty much impossible to discuss the Academy without referencing the venerable Magic School Bus and, fortunately, the MSA does not suffer by comparison. The graphic novel format, with tidy frames and several well-placed splash pages, is an excellent vehicle for organizing the lesson, and the orderliness of the visual presentation makes it easy to go back and review material. The send-ups on stock monsters are cleverly played, adding humor without sacrificing content. A page of climate and weather notes extends the information, and endpapers diagrams of the Sky Suit and CHAOS walk the line between science fact and fun.

No need for MSA kids to take a field trip: what could be more interesting than school?

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