Clarksville-AhoyI’m just back from my most recent expedition to distant lands. I saw amazing things, ate exotic foods, and had a great time. Where did I go? I can’t say exactly, because I ate the map. But it was somewhere in the Clarksville region, beyond where the dragons live.

Upon arrival I was greeted by two wonderful sights: a treasure chest full of all manner of pirate booty, and an absolutely amazing cake, complete with an edible pirate map. I’ve never seen anything quite like it.

Clarksville-ChestThe chest was overflowing with every type of treasure imaginable, including snacks, a t-shirt, and some very creative messages. These included a connect-the-dots puzzle, messages in bottles, bags of gold, pop-up cards…

…and some terrific illustrations. Here are just a few of the Backbeard interpretations I found.


Thanks again to Mrs. Borys and everyone at Clarksville for such a terrific welcome!