Craig Elementary

Uncle OgdenGrowing up, there were several teachers in my family. My mother was an art teacher, and my aunt Flit was an elementary school librarian in the Niskayuna School District. Once upon a time, she had a student named Suzanne. Eventually, Suzanne grew up to be an elementary school librarian herself in the same district at Craig Elementary. Now, when she needs to take a day off, she calls her former teacher, my Aunt Flit (now retired), to sub for her.

Last week I visited Craig Elementary. I was under a lot of pressure. If things didn’t go well, they could call my Aunt. Then I’d really catch it.

Kids drawings

Thankfully, things went great. I got to speak to every student in the school, and spend some time talking with them about books, writing, and illustration. Their questions were really very good, and I wish I could have stuck around to talk longer. It’s a real pleasure to visit a school where the students are so well prepared for the visit. My thanks go out to Miss Shopmyer for all her hard work, the kids at Craig, and my Aunt Flit for getting the ball rolling all those years ago!

In the classroom