D.H. Robbins Elementary

pirate.jpgD. H. Robbins Elementary really knows how to make an author feel welcome. In fact, as I left, I scribbled some secret hobo signs on some rocks outside the school to let other authors know.

The school was full of artwork and projects. Check out this replica of the columns, fire, and giant skull from the Isle of Bones in Backbeard: Pirate for Hire. Every kid walked through it to get to morning assembly.


And the kids! You’ve never seen a more motley group in your life. Nothing matched, even their shoes and socks. They claim it was “Dress Up Crazy Like Backbeard” day, but I have my doubts.

At the end of the day, we capped everything off with a pirate tea party, complete with (iced) tea and cucumber sandwiches with exactly the right amount of crust. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard putting the day together, especially Mrs. McNulty and Mrs. Campione!