E. J. Arthur Elementary

This past week I was scheduled to visit two schools in Coxsackie, NY: E. J. Arthur Elementary and Coxsackie Elementary. Unfortunately, a late-season snowstorm postponed my visit to Coxsackie, but I had a great time at E. J. Arthur.

When I first arrived I found the hallway lined with drawings of Uncle Frank and Gloria and Frieda. The morning presentations were a lot of fun, full of great questions from the audience. Before I knew it, it was time for lunch.

For lunch, we had a pizza party with a few selected students from each class. I bounced from table to table talking to each group, and was happy to find that E. J. Arthur is filled with more than a few aspiring authors and illustrators.

Finally, I have to mention something about the cookies we had for dessert: I’m not kidding when I say I’ve never seen anything quite like them. The frosting was done in such a way it almost looked like paint, and every single cookie was a work of art. They come from Maggie’s Cookie Company in Athens, NY (518-945-1915) and if you’re in the area, they’re really worth checking out.

Thanks to Sarah Clark, all the teachers, staff, and kids for making my visit to E. J. Arthur so special!