Glendaal Elementary

Cousin ErnieLast week I visited Glendaal Elementary in the Scotia-Glenville district and got to spend the day with some future authors and illustrators. We talked about books, and the first grades and I wrote a short story about the school’s mascot (a cardinal) and the principal (a really nice guy). In the afternoon, the fourth grade worked on a writing project with some hilarious results.

 Talking about writing

What actually landed on cousin Ernie’s head? This wall was full of possible answers…

Cousin Ernie pictures

And as for what was buried in Uncle Frank’s pit, here’s one guess: Gold, and lots of it.

Uncle Frank

My thanks go out to Mrs. Briscoe, Ms. Jankowski, Mrs. Grant and Mrs. Stallmer’s fourth grades, Mrs. Doyle and Ms. Brennan’s first grades, and Mr. Eagan for their help making the visit work so well. Go Cardinals!

3 thoughts on “Glendaal Elementary

  1. jason O'Connor

    Thanks for putting my picture (the gold) on the website, and thanks for taking the time with us. I love to draw pictures, build things and write stories. Someday maybe I’ll have my own website. Thanks again, Jason

  2. Dianne O'Connor

    We are very proud of Jason. He faces many challenges throughout his day , but continues to meet each challenge with enthusiasm. Keep up the great work Jason.
    Love, Mom and Dad.

  3. Dianne O'Connor

    We are very proud of Jason. He faces many new challenges throughout his day, but meet each challenge with enthusiam. Keep up the great work, Jason.
    Love, Mom and Dad.

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