Glenmont Elementary


Glenmont Elementary – what a fun day. Maybe it was because it was the last day before vacation, but everyone seemed to be in an especially good mood. Mrs. B. helped me read Backbeard and did all the voices. She was terrific!


And I even got some good reviews on the Glenmont “Read A Book” review wall. Students write reviews of books they’ve read, and I don’t mean to brag, but one said of Backbeard:

You’ll enjoy reading this book if you’re the kind of reader who likes pirates and people who are both bad and mean. There is no mushiness. Look closely at some pictures – you might notice stuff.”


Ironically, one of my favorite parts of the visit was also the saddest. To commemorate a dog she lost years ago, Mrs. B. created a bulletin board in the library where students who lose a pet can post a photo or a drawing. When students graduate, the picture is transferred to a big book to be archived. In all the years I’ve been visiting schools, I’ve never seen anything like it.


My thanks to everyone at Glenmont – the kids, Mrs. Schwind, Mrs. Bordick, Mrs. Zaccagnino, and especially Mrs. B. for all your work putting the visit together!