Hodgkins Elemementary

My visit to Hodgkins Elementary (outside Chicago) was short, but sweet. I flew in late Tuesday, flew out late Wednesday. But in between we got a lot done.

It takes a lot of work to bring in an author for an author visit, and I have a great deal of gratitude and respect for the schools that make it happen. There are so many details to attend to, and so many people who help out along the way in various ways.

Dunkin-DonutsHere’s one I had never run into before: to help fund this visit, Hodgkins Elementary received some financial support from the local police department. That in itself isn’t so unusual, but the way the Hodgkins police department raises money is. They hold an event called “Cop on Top” in which – and I’m not making this up – police officers take turns standing on the roof of the local Dunkin’ Donuts. The idea that someone took a shift atop the donut shop to help fund my trip to the school fills me with a whole new level of respect for law enforcement. Much appreciated.

Hodgkins is clearly a school that reads, and evidence was all over the place. Posters, dioramas, and a population of kids who were engaged and focused made the day fly by in a blink. Thanks Jacquie Crowley for getting the ball rolling, Leesa McHugh for organizing lunch, and especially to Joan Milsap who did pretty much everything else. You rock, Joan!

Some Hodgkins artwork…