Ichabod Crane


Over the past month I had the opportunity to visit three schools in the Ichabod Crane school district, Martin Van Buren, Martin H. Glynn, and Ichabod Crane Elementary. Its a wonderful area, home of Washington Irving’s famous creation. I was there a few years ago, and had so much fun working with Jane Miller that she invited me back. I’m so glad she did.

In spite of the district’s reputation for snow days, all four visits went without a hitch. (My recent visit to Fort Lauderdale, however, was nearly cancelled because of our big snow storm. Ironic?) The kids were wonderful, and I had a great time. I also ate some terrific chocolate chip cookies. Thanks to everyone there who did such a nice job rolling out the red carpet.

Today I received some great thank-you letters from the kids, and included with them was this story from the librarian:

“A parent told me that her son was absolutely thrilled to have met you. At dinner that night, he said, “Mom, today I met a real author, and he was still alive!”