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Kirkus Reviews: Even Monsters Need Haircuts

“A little boy loves to watch his barber dad at work—and apparently he’s learned a lot, because on the night of the full moon, he sneaks out of bed and off to the barbershop, where he spends the night trimming, shaving and styling a panoply of monsters, some familiar and some less so. Frankenstein’s monster “always get[s] the same thing” (observant readers will notice that the electric razor the boy wields is plugged into the bolt on the monster’s neck), while others “always want to try something new” (blindfolded, the boy braids Medusa’s snakes). McElligott populates his book with cheery, if toothy and hairy, creatures and fills the seemingly ordinary barbershop with kid-pleasing details (reversible monster portraits on the wall, bottles of “shamp-ewww”). A little short on logic but full of crowd appeal.”–Kirkus Reviews