Lake George Elementary


I spend a lot of time talking about technology in my presentations. So much of my work creating books involves the computer, and I like to share that part of the process when I talk to students. So it came as a pleasant surprise to find that Lake George Elementary may be the most technologically-savvy elementary school I’ve ever visited.

Lots of schools have computers, but few seem to integrate them quite as smoothly and effectively as Lake George seems to. This is a school that streams their concerts over the web, a school where the librarian has her own podcast (check it out here). It also has a very different approach to education, as the school is divided into four separate clusters, essentially small schools within the school, that all share a large common space.

I did my presentations in the Little Theater, which is actually quite large and has an enormous projection screen. I arrived to find the entire back wall covered in artwork, including “Welcome Matts” and projects from my books. Very cool indeed.


Perhaps one of the coolest surprises was when one entire group showed up in the theater wearing home-made pirate hats. It totally made my day.


Thanks to Mrs. McDowell for all her work organizing the visit – these kids were prepared and ready – and to everyone at Lake George who made me feel so welcome!