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Library Media Connection: Absolutely Not

Beautiful, big-eyed bugs by the name of Frieda and Gloria are the main characters of this enchanting story. Can you imagine a bug that is a worrywart? Frieda worries about everything! She even imagines things are scary when they are not.

Frieda’s good friend, Gloria, takes her out for a morning stroll where she must face several unfounded fears. But, in the end,
it is Frieda’s worry that saves them from being bird dinner! That’s when Gloria appreciates Frieda’s cautiousness, yet Frieda still trusts Gloria’s ideas. Using simple yet powerful language, the reader is instantly wrapped into the story as well as into the delightful bug characters.

McElligott’s realistic and artistic illustrations add to the interest of the story by allowing the reader to “see” what Frieda sees. Teachers, librarians, guidance counselors, and parents will enjoy reading this story to children ages 5-8. Be sure to pre-read this book so you are ready for the surprise bird that tries to get Frieda and Gloria. Highly Recommended.