Menands Elementary


Had a really enjoyable visit to Menands Elementary last week. We did four presentations back to back, but I was having so much fun they just flew by. For lunch, some of the teachers put together this awesome Lion’s Share book cake.


cake-face.jpgHowever, when they served me my piece, this was what I got. I found myself simultaneously flattered and creeped out. What to do? Eat my own head? I felt like I was in an Escher drawing, or maybe one of those serpents that eats its own tail.

In the end, I decided to pass the problem on to my wife. But by the time I got the piece home, much of my face had melted off the side, making me look extra creepy. Didn’t matter. Free cake! She devoured my head without a second thought. Now I’m sleeping with one eye open.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, Menands Elementary! Awesome school, with tons of awesome artwork. My thanks to all the parents who came out to the evening program, and all the teachers and volunteers who put the day together.

Here are a few samples of some life-sized pirates by the artists at Menands: