Miller Hill – Sand Lake Elementary

Last week I spent the day at Miller Hill and Sand Lake Elementary Schools. It was a great visit, and it’s clear that the teachers and the parents are very enthusiastic about reading in Averill Park.

About halfway through the day, the librarian, Jeanne Seel, was walking me through the school when we came upon a pair of very unusual doors at the top of the stairs. They look like all the rest, but they’re exactly half as tall. What are they for? Where do they go? Everyone I spoke to professed ignorance, although there was some speculation leprechauns were involved.


Frankly, I don’t buy it. It looks to me like there are classrooms or offices back there, and that adult-sized people are decidedly not welcome. These doors were built to keep grown-ups out. This, of course, can only lead to one conclusion: the kids are actually running the school. No wonder the teachers didn’t want to talk about it.

(But from what I saw last week, they are doing an excellent job.)