Rosendale Elementary

I’m late posting this one, but I blame the holidays. It’s certainly not because I didn’t enjoy my visit at Rosendale. On the contrary – it was terrific. The kids were pumped and were full of great questions. And just take a look at this artwork!

A Backbeard- style pirate ship…


some Absolutely Not frogs…


and this amazing wall-length Absolutely Not mural that hides the name of the school in the sky, just like the cover of the book.


Rosendale just happens to be where my aunt Flit taught as the librarian for 21 years, and the entrance to the library commemorates her tenure with a dragon-themed plaque.


Many thanks to Pat Carboni, Liz Yanoff, and Tricia Olson for all their work making the visit go so smoothly, and Sheree Komp and her student teacher Megan for the artwork. And the students – especially the students – you guys were great!