School 20 in Albany

Every once in a while, the chips fall your way. It happened to me last night when I was checking Google Maps (my new favorite map site) to find out how to get to today’s visit at School 20 in Albany. While I was there I found a link to the school, and decided to check it out. Good thing.

As it turns out, the school isn’t actually there now. It’s undergoing construction, and all of School 20 has moved in with another Albany school, Philip Schuyler Elementary, for the year. When everyone moves back in the fall, everything will be pretty much brand new.

I had a lot of fun talking to School 20 today. The walls of the library were covered in some great student artwork, and the questions and answers from the kids were surprising and fun. For example:

Matt: What do we call the company that puts the book together? Hint, it starts with ‘p’
Kids: Picture-making-book-company.

Matt: What do we call the person who draws the pictures in a book?
Kids: You .

The day flew by. Thanks again to Rosemary and Connie for all your help!