Slingerlands Elementary School

Slingerlands Elementary

Today I visited Slingerlands Elementary School, which was convenient because it’s a short ten minute drive from my house. Slingerlands is the town where I took many of the reference photos for the house in The Spooky Book, including this creepy place. (The rest of the houses in Slingerlands are gorgeous – this was an exception!) It was a lot of fun talking about the locations, since almost everyone there was familiar with them.

I was very impressed with the students at Slingerlands. It was a hot day, and it’s getting near that time of the year when everyone’s mind is on summer vacation. In spite of that, these kids were really into it, and we had a great time talking after the presentations.

Slingerlands Elementary

Slingerlands Elementary

Thanks to Pat Grimwood, Diane McNiven, and Gina Boyles for all their hard work putting this together. I can’t remember when I’ve felt more welcome!

2 thoughts on “Slingerlands Elementary School

  1. Hailey, grade 2

    When you visited Slingerlands School, I loved how you showed the violets with Napolean’s family in there. I like how you explained the optical illusions and I love the book Absolutely Not! I love how you showed your kindergarten book, it was so cute! THANK YOU FOR COMING TO MY SCHOOL!

  2. Matt Post author

    Thanks for writing, Hailey! I reallly had a great time at visiting Slingerlands, and I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it too.

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