Tamarac Elementary

Gloria & Frieda Drawing

Tamarac was my last author visit for this school year, and what a way to wrap things up! Great questions from the students (and the teachers, too) made the time fly by. This was one of those days that was over before I knew it.

Matt at Tamarac

In between presentations, I had the chance to visit Mrs. Fallon’s art class and do an impromptu drawing and watercolor demo. This was really fun, and I hope I get the chance to try this in future school visits. Mrs. Fallon has a special “Art Lunch Club” for the students who want to do some extra work on their art projects outside of art class, and the room was full. There’s clearly a lot of budding talent at Tamarac.


Book cover For further proof of this, check out this book that Mrs. Motzer’s kindergarten class presented me with before I left. It’s full of fantastic pictures – too many for me to show here – that the class put together before the end of the day. I’m very impressed.

My thanks go out to all the people who worked hard to put this visit together, including Barb Fallon and the principal, Karen Lederman. None of it would have happened, however, without the special efforts of the librarian, Janice Toomajian. Thanks, Janice!

Gloria & Frieda

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  1. Jane Chirgwin

    Janice praised you highly, and I can see why! I hope I can have you over for a Library visit sometime!

    Librarian Jane
    Children’s Librarian
    Brunswick Community Library

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