Saul Bass and Paul Rand

200809121358.jpgIf you’re a student of design, you know these names well. What you may not know is that these two titans of graphic design history also dabbled in picture books, and there are a couple of interesting examples online.

Saul Bass was a gifted graphic designer, perhaps best remembered for his logos and innovations in movie title design. Bass’ titles for such classics as The Man With The Golden Arm, North By Northwest, and many, many others pretty much defined the genre.

Meanwhile, Paul Rand designed pretty much all the logos you’ve ever seen, including IBM, UPS, ABC, and even the notorious ENRON.

The Saul Bass book is unfortunately out of print and the web version is incomplete, but the Rand book can be read in its entirety.

Paul Rand’s Sparkle and Spin:

Saul Bass’ Henri’s Walk to Paris:

Bonus link: A fantastic site on Bass’s movie title sequences: