pirate-map-for-matt.jpgAfter my presentations at Weedsport Elementary this week, I was presented with a homemade, three-page map of the school and three loyal guides to help me visit all the classrooms. Good thing they were there. Otherwise, I might still be wandering the halls, trying to find my way home.

skeleton.jpgAlong the way we found no shortage of crazy bugs, treasure maps, and even a life-sized skeleton guarding a map of pirate jokes. (Sample: What did the pirate say at the golf course? “I may tee!”)

Next, I visited the Weedsport Free Library, where the Junior Friends of the Library were hosting a special author’s dinner. There was even some impromptu theatre after the meals, when everyone began singing a crazy musical about hats. Great fun.


Finally, some samples of that terrific Weedsport art. Thanks, everyone!

big-pirate-ship.jpgbulletin-board.jpg pirate-map.jpg