Genesee Elementary

At today’s author visit at Genesee Elementary the teachers teachers dressed up in costumes inspired by my books: Dr. Cosmic was there, the Fright Brothers, some pirates, some aliens, even some bugs. What a fun day.


Return to Richfield Springs

Had the pleasure to return to Richfield Springs on Friday for another visit (last one in 2009) and it was every bit as fantastic as I remembered. I arrived to find the presentation room filled end to end with hundreds fantastic book-related projects that the kids worked on during the weeks leading up to the visit.

Richfield Springs artwork

Here are just a few samples, where the kids imagined new Benjamin Franklinstein-style titles: Henry Corn Meets George Carwashington and Jackie Robotson Attacks Duke Scarington. I would totally read both of those.


Franklinstein Portraits at Craig Elementary

Spotted these amazing Benjamin Franklinstein portraits at a recent visit to Craig Elementary in Niskayuna, Ny. Great work!

Breakfast Cupcake Party at Cayuga Heights Elementary

What’s better than arriving at a school for a visit and finding a breakfast cupcake party? Absolutely nothing, that’s what. Let me repeat: breakfast + cupcakes + party. It doesn’t get better than that.

How could the rest of the day measure up, you ask? Well, it did. It was a great day all around with a bunch of amazing readers. Thanks, Cayuga Heights!


Episcopal Lower School

Visiting the Episcopal Lower School in Little Rock, AK, I got to present in the room below. It’s a former mega-church purchased by the school some years ago and now used as their auditorium. (It was a little bigger than the libraries where I usually present.) Great fun!

View from the stage

Bean Thirteen in Korean

One of the best parts of being an author is when a foreign edition of one of my books arrives. I feel like it’s a glimpse into an alternate universe where things are almost – but not quite – the same. When the book is set in a supercool Korean typeface, the effect is magnified all the more.

(Plus, I just love the thought that children in Korea – who I will never meet – will be reading this book I wrote one long winter far away in upstate New York.)