Whitehall Elementary

Two bugsLast week, when I arrived at Whitehall Elementary, I was greeted by a welcome breakfast prepared by the librarian, Mrs. DeRocker. I was also greeted by a member of the P.T.A. (whose name I won’t mention) who told me a very interesting story about raising money for the visit with some sort of show involving flaming batons. I really, really wanted to believe her. In fact, I did believe her. But that’s how it is up in Whitehall; you have to be on your toes at all times.

One sign a school visit is going to go well is when I see artwork on the walls, and at Whitehall there was a lot of it. Students had done a number of the Absolutely Not projects from the website, and they came out really well. There were reflective ink blots…


…and common objects creations…

Red bug

…covering all the walls outside the library. In addition, there was a giant welcome sign with all the letters made from objects as well. (These are the first two letters of “Welcome” – the sign was much to big to photograph all at once.)


 Thanks to Mrs. DeRocker, Mrs. Ripley, and Mrs. Davis for all their hard work putting together the visit. If anyone out there is considering a visit to Whitehall, I recommend it. Just don’t believe everything you hear.


5 thoughts on “Whitehall Elementary

  1. breauna barrett

    hi matt mcelligott thank you for coming to whitehall school we had a good time when you visited us..thank you again..i really enjoyed yuor books that mrs.derocker got us, bye..breauna

  2. jenn bealmear

    Thank you for coming to our school it was very interesting… I wish you could come again at a later date when you get more books out!!!!! I think Uncle Franks Pit was a funny little story I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Emilee

    Hey!!! I totally LOVED your book!! it was so cool. Especailly the part where we got to see Uncle Frank’s Pit and it was actually an underground house. that was so awesome!!! well thanks again.

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